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Jane's Stories Press Foundation

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Jane's Stories Press Foundation is an international 501(c)(3) organization that that supports emerging on October 4, 2016; 9-5. The presenters will be author Glenda Bailey-Mershon, and poet Christine Swanberg. The workshops: "Rescuing Abandoned Fiction" and "Shaping Poetry." Check out the retreat on the JSPF website.
Glenda Bailey-Mershon

   Read Glenda's blog "The Weaver's Knot" and her "Women in Books"  website.
Glenda Bailey-Mershon is an American poet, essayist, novelist, cultural historian, and human rights activist. We met through her Wild Dove Studio and Press in Arlington House. She has shared her warmth and intelligence in many ways, including her "Editor's Corner" which was a popular feature of past retreats and workshops. and her farsighted and creative approach to publishing and networking. Moreover, she's a damn good writer! A good person to know!
Evelyn Eman Delmar's Book.ed is webcast devoted bringing good books to hungry readers. So far she's featured eight authors. On hiatus from the webcast, Ev still keeps the Book.ed blog up-to-date, but her primary interest is in helping launch the English translation of Searching for My Father, Tyrone Power by Romina Power. 
Kimmy Van Kooten

    Connect with Kimmy on Facebook, too.
An artist and ekphrastic poet, Kimmy Van Kooten is first and foremost is a wife and mother of 11 children. She spends what little free time she has, "freelancing", her poetry, short stories, pen and ink drawings, photography and graphic design works. She's also a talented drummer!
Gayle Anne Weinstein
    Another great author website!

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Without this, I'd never find the floor with my feet in the morning.
Former Air Force Major Anne Martin Fletcher of St. Augustine and Winter Park was one of the first women to graduate from the Air Force Academy. A member of Jane's Stories' Advisory Board, Anne is writing a memoir of her experience in the first class in which women were allowed. A fascinating woman and a good person to know!
You can find Anne on Facebook and Linked-In as well.
Sherlock Combs Genealogy

        Sherlock Combs has a blog as well.
Sherlock Combs Genealogy is Jane Neff Rollins' wonderful site for amateur genealogist banging their heads against brick walls and anyone wishing to know more about their family history.
Connect with Evelyn on Facebook, too.
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