Judy M. Goodman

Judy M. Goodman
Aunt Rose, a luminous light
A nourishing pink soul
Now, naught but a memory bright

Though others she'd indict
Until mutated brain paid her toll
Dousing the luminous light

Prevented the voyage, the final bite,
Sent to school hidden way off in the shoals,
I was banned from her final Rite

Parents’ protection causing fights
Often chasing different goals
Hoping I would not take flight

Yet my soul Rose would right,
Bridging quagmires and stony holes
To moments of Zeitgeist

If I'm far too simple and trite
to wear mystical soles
— the perfect bedlamite

Hard not to feel a blatherskite — 
In time I'll find a quiet knoll
and perform my own transcendent rite
For Aunt Rose, my luminous light
Aunt Rose
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