Judy M. Goodman

Introducing Fazackalee
A Science Fantasy by Judy M. Goodman
A monster meteor is belting along toward earth. Shards of the comet have preceded it, infecting those who come in contact with it with a disease that affects the patient's ability to communicate. Rose Stephenson, a physicist and research physician, has written well-received books in plain English about medicine and physics. Her new nuclear surgical technique will debut on this particularly difficult case: her friend and guardian, severely affected by the disease, holds the secret to destroying the comet locked in her mind.  The most difficult obstacle to overcome is subatomic targeting, but with the aid of Rose's sister Opal's technology, Rose, Opal, and an air force crew will be shrunk and injected into their guardian's bloodstream. When a glitch in the technology causes them to continue to shrink, the crew finds themselves in a world shaped by Rachel's perceptions of normal life, her experience, and her imagination.
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